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The Trinity Experience

Trinity Ministries of Chicago (TMC) is a mission-driven and faith-based organization that began through the volunteer efforts of Jonathan and Melinda Carter in 2006. 

It became evident that the disparities which existed in quality education, jobs, property development and business ownership was missing in our communities on the South and West Side of Chicago. One resounding theme was the lack of solid educational foundation teaching and real critical thinking skills; which are the building blocks for self-sufficiency. As such, TMC sought to address this gap by creating an innovative program design to help eliminate these barriers through direct education and exhibitions. It is our philosophy that through the reconciliation of races, cultures, religions and even broken families, the healing process and discovery of one’s greatest potential can begin. Since our incorporation in 2008, we have provided services to over 3800 individuals and families.

Trinity promotes self-sufficiency, improvement of the quality of life and the creation of leaders among the disengaged, disenfranchised and at-risk populations. TMC has produced a multi-faceted educational and enrichment system through their High Adventure Educational & Technology Program (HAETP). With a concentration on adventurous activities which focus on “Critical Thinking Skills” which are designed to challenge each participant intellectually and physically. These adventurous activities, which are not always readily available within the walls of many poor and crisis communities, become a catalyst to help sharpen the participant’s problem solving skills and conflict resolution abilities. The results are seen through the display of skills that are confirmed by the participant’s results in pre-arranged exhibitions and challenging conditions. By creating a continuum of learning and skill development processes, each participant experiences new levels of learning during the entire program process. 

TMC seeks to improve the quality of life of those residents located in the targeted high risk neighborhoods, which have been disproportionately affected and overwhelmed by life due to educational and life skills disabilities. TMC utilizes an innovative model that provides the necessary supportive services to acquire skills that are applicable and transferable into society. 

TMC is a small grassroots organization, who is very effective in our services and we hope that we will earn your appreciation and you partner with us. 

Trinity Ministries of Chicago
"Living Life Together"

Three stages of Engagement 
        •General Educational 
        • Intermediate Activities 
        •Critical Thinking Activities
Trinity’s High adventure Program tenets include:
1.High Adventure Activities:
  • Scuba Diving
  • Camping
  • Horseback Riding
2.Technology Life Skills
  •  Microsoft Development (MS IT Academy)
  • Technology Program Skills 
            a)Tech Skill 1
            b)Tech Skill 2
            c)Tech Skill 3
3.Virtual Reality Rooms
  • Aviation / Helicopter
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Underwater Navigation Vehicles (Plane Geometry)
  • Robotic & Computer Science
4.Critical Thinking Life Development Skills 
          - Career Readiness
          - Basic & Critical Mathematics Development                        - Problem Solving)
          - Communication (Reading Comprehension             Advancement)
          - Action Science
5.Personal Life Development Plan
        •Life Track  
District Drama Programs
Critical Skill Building
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Youth Outings
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