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Register early with Trinity and become a partner in our ongoing annual effort to make Thanksgiving a season families will not have to be hungry as we demonstrate through our serving, what "Thanksgiving" is really about. 

This year we are in need of 250 turkeys for over 200 families. Register today and let us know that you want to be a part of this year's season of serving.  

Please register before October 1st.
Call Trinity @ 773.442.2540
Trinity’s Culinary Arts program will be teaching first come first served participants in a one day direct-educational Nutritional Cooking course and Cultural Cooking style for basic meals. The participants will not only be able to share in a video-taped course with actual cooks, but will also be able to learn first hand how to prepare a chosen meal. Each participant will leave with their own ingredients to prepare the same meal at their home. The format of this course will accent the featured culture and cooking style associated with its culture and style. (Bring your appetites) Contact Trinity's office by November 4th, 2019.
Partnering With: "Brothers Can Cook"
"Hey Pastor Carter. All I have to say is that you and your wife are real people!"
- Jennifer, July 2018
"Thank you Pastor "C" for the great word you presented to us during our visit."
- Branch
- Julie, March 2017
"Hey cousin, you and the the 1st Lady Melinda keep up the good work, you both are an excellent example of what another chance in Christ Jesus looks like."
- Mike, August 2018
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