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Trinity Ministries of Chicago
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Trinity Entrepreneur Program
Trinity's Entrepreneur Program allows youth and adults to learn in an actual business environment while learning and experiencing the skills that are necessary in order to be successful in the business environment. Through partnerships with organizations such as Best Buy, Chicago Public Schools, Lumity, Magnum Scuba and Pyramid Partnership, participants are able to learn alongside actual business professionals while still working with potential clients kneecap to kneecap. 

During our next phase, Trinity will be adding medical professionals to our team that will bring a new circle of learning opportunity to the community. 
Trinity Entrepreneurs
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82% of all Startups are Self-funded
70% of successful entrepreneurs were married when they started their business. 
The majority of entrepreneurs are operated by women.
Interning with Pastor Carter really opened my mind to new opportunities and ideas!

- Jalisa
When are you going to do a construction internship?
Owner / Chief Facilitator
Owned by a Chicago based, Minority/Veteran whose focus is on providing individuals with the highest level of training and service. Dennis inspiration stems from his love for teaching and passion for providing generational opportunities to his children and to future inspiring entrepreneurs. From that mindset, CFESST was established in 2018

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Jon'tel Carter Consultant Services provides administrative assistance, project development, organization, and digital marketing services to business leaders and organizations in Chicago and surrounding areas.

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